Commercial HVAC Maintenance, Commercial HVAC Service & Commercial HVAC Installation

All-Star Heating & Air Conditioning responds to commercial needs for installation, maintenance, and repair with prompt, professional attention. For new project and replacements, maximum energy efficiency and reliably, the NATE-certified technicians from All-Star Heating & Air Conditioning offer a team of support.

Our extensive residential and commercial experience in DeKalb & Sycamore, IL enables us to identify the heating and cooling solutions that deliver superior satisfaction. By meeting the exceptionally high standards of technical, product and industry knowledge & performance, All-Star Heating & Air Conditioning is recognized as a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. Through Bryant endorsement, All-Star Heating & Air Conditioning delivers the best investment in heating, cooling, and air quality control. Unmatched durability and energy efficiency, partnered with sleek designs to meet every sized space and budget, guarantee an ideal choice to exceed your expectations.

According to OSHA poor indoor air quality is costing employers fifteen billion dollars annually in worker inefficiency and sick days. All-Star Heating & Air Conditioning gives of thought to indoor air quality, so you don’t have to. We recognize that the air circulating in your facility has a major impact on workforce productivity. Simply by improving the quality of indoor air, we can elevate worker performance by up to 10%. At All-Star Heating & Air Conditioning, we promote a safe and healthy workplace, through efficient, cost-effective and convenient options.

Cleaning products, pest control solutions, personal care products, and even carpet fibers and adhesives used in furniture degrade air quality. Printers, copiers, computers and other electronics emit volatile organic compounds and ozone. If your HVAC system is not regularly maintained, mold, mildew, organic plant matter, and even decomposing animals can lead to bacteria sprayed into your facility. While eliminating all potential sources of contaminants is impossible, improving the air you breathe is both simple and feasible. Through ventilation, humidity control and regular service, All-Star Heating & Air Conditioning can create a healthier, cleaner and more productive work environment for you, your workers and customers.

Professional maintenance for your commercial HVAC equipment will minimize downtime, maximize workplace productivity, and greatly reduce operational costs. Our NATE-certified technicians will precisely tune your equipment to restore performance, sound levels, and energy efficiency. Through cleaning, tightening, calibrating and inspection, we will extend system longevity and eliminate the majority of potential repairs. Neglected commercial equipment costs much more to operate, won’t live up to expectations and can pose safety and health concerns.

The team from All-Star Heating & Air Conditioning will accommodate your schedule with flexible appointment times and arrive within the stated timeframes. We safeguard property with foot coverings and floor protection, maintain an organized work area, and retrieve any discarded equipment, packaging and refrigerant. Our technicians present themselves in uniform, and rest assured, we employ only the highest quality people. Our team is extensively background screened, drug tested, licensed and insured. Every one of our service technicians is EPA certified and has demonstrated in-depth, HVAC-specific knowledge through certification exams recognized by the entire industry.

As a Comfort24-7 Provider, we protect our commercial clients with a Two-Year 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on the installation of your new Bryant system. A Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee covers all ductwork connections, transitions, flue piping, and gas/electrical connections. We offer Extended System Coverage to further protect your system from lightning, flood and rust-through damage. Through our Extended System Coverage, you’ll also have the assurance of 25% Guaranteed First-Year Savings. If the cost of energy (gas or electric) used by your new Bryant HVAC system in the first year after installation is not reduced by at least 25% compared to the year prior, we will pay the difference.

All-Star Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to providing professional and exceptional comfort control throughout DeKalb & Sycamore, IL. We understand and respect the comfort concerns of commercial facilities and strive to minimize the impact of weather and energy costs on your business. We offer 24-hour/365-day service to better protect your interests. Call All-Star Heating & Air Conditioning for quality assurance!

All-Star Heating & Air Conditioning responds to commercial needs for installation, maintenance, and repair with prompt, professional attention.