Indoor Air Quality


All-Star Heating & Air Conditioning optimizes the health and comfort of your home, while reducing energy costs and wear and tear on your cooling system. The installation of a whole-home dehumidifier improves indoor air quality, and provides soothing relief from high humidity without overcooling the home. Give us a call today and our factory trained professionals will help you determine the perfect dehumidifier to efficiently handle your specific requirements. Along with seamless installation, we also provide troubleshooting services for all makes and models.

Proper sizing and installation of a whole-home dehumidifier is not a do-it-yourself project. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we combine experience, expertise, and exceptional products. Compact, quiet, and equipped with Permanent MERV 8 filter to capture contaminants, Bryant industry-leading dehumidifiers are zoning capable, user-friendly and offer automated operation based on personal preference. Take advantage of a free estimate from us and let us earn your satisfaction with uncompromising standards of job performance.

Some of the many reasons to invest in whole-home dehumidification include:

  • One dehumidifier handles the entire home
  • Works with your air conditioner & runs independently
  • Lower humidity feels cooler, lessening the demand on the air conditioner
  • Maximize air conditioner efficiency and trim monthly costs
  • A variety of sizes ensures the right fit for your home
  • No need to ever empty a water pan
  • Up to four times more efficient than room dehumidifiers
  • Air filtration
  • Prevent mold and mildew growth
  • Discourage the dust mite population
  • Avoid damage to wood furnishing
  • Eliminate that sticky, clammy feeling
  • Enjoy a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment


There are three main types of whole house humidifiers: steam, bypass, and fan-powered. Through extensive experience and factory training, our technicians offer informed and practical recommendations for the best choice to meet your specific needs.

Steam humidifiers introduce moisture into the air by heating water electrically until it boils, producing humidity in the form of steam. Steam is carried by the system blower and spread throughout hour home via vents, working even if your furnace isn't on. Steam humidifiers are the quickest and most natural means of optimizing and maintaining comfortable humidity levels.

Bypass humidifiers supplement moisture to the warm air produced by a furnace. Warm air is first drawn from the heating ducts, and then, as it flows through a water panel, moisture is absorbed. This moisture is introduced back into the air stream, and then into your home. Bypass humidifiers are easily installed in a forced air handling system on the supply or return plenum (air distribution box connected to the ductwork).

Fan-powered humidifiers are very much like a bypass humidifier, but with the addition of a fan to blow air across the internal pad (water panel). Power humidifiers are superior in that each day, they average a gallon more of humidity than the bypass unit. The electricity drawn by the internal fan is minimal and adds up to the cost of a 25-watt light bulb. Fan-powered flow-through systems don't require a bypass duct, making them ideal for installation in tight spaces.

Through our partnership with Bryant, we offer the most effective and economical solutions for home humidification. By adding needed moisture to the air, Bryant humidifiers answer the challenge of dry, furnace-heated air, providing a cleaner, healthier home. They feature low-noise operation, front-facing easy-access door, large or small capacity, and the most sophisticated technology available.

During the winter months, humidity in an average home will drop to 10% or less. According to the Mayo Clinic, the optimum humidity level is between 30% and 50%. Because properly humidified air slows the body's natural cooling mechanism, you'll feel warmer at lower temperatures, and be less likely to turn up the thermostat. Through the use of a humidifier, you'll save on energy costs without sacrificing comfort.

While you may ignore the shocks you get from the carpet in winter, static electricity is a warning sign of low humidity levels. It may not seem like a big deal, but a number of viruses thrive in overly dry air. Sore throat, bloody noses, itchy eyes, headaches, chapped lips, aggravated symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, and thyroid disorders have all been directly linked to insufficient moisture in the air. Humidifiers also protect wood furnishings from drying and cracking, as well as keeping your skin hydrated and supple. The solution is straight forward, easy and cost-effective.

Air Purifiers

Improving indoor air quality impacts health, comfort, and cleanliness of your home. The process is simple, rewarding and straight forward. We offer a range of economical solutions that target harmful pollutants. For improving indoor air quality, whole-home air purifiers are a powerful tool. Air purifiers are gaining popularity and can be conveniently incorporated into nearly any HVAC system. With a range of sizes, types, and prices, we can match your budget and needs with an ideal choice.

As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we have experienced and trust the effectiveness of Bryant air quality products. Bryant whole-home air purifiers treat 100% of the air flowing through your heating and cooling system before it circulates, targeting bacteria, viruses, pollen and mold for unsurpassed germicidal capability.

Air purification is a giant step above air filtration, making use of advanced technology to eliminate allergens, pathogens, pollutants, and odors. This effective air treatment system traps up to 95% of particles .30 to 1.0 microns in size. A micron is the equivalent of .00004 inches. A long-lasting MERV 15 filter puts an end to pet dander, dust mites, and a long list of microorganisms that can cause breathing and allergy problems.

UV Lamps

UV germicidal fixtures install directly into your central air system and provide a line of defense against the mold that thrives in the cool, dark interior of the air system. Mold, mildew and fungus growth on the air handler robs your HVAC system of efficiency and requires professional cleaning. UV lamps sterilize airborne bacteria and allergens before they enter and circulate throughout your indoor air supply. By maximizing efficiency, increasing blower performance and life, and positively impacting indoor air quality, UV germicidal fixtures increase the value of air conditions systems. This same technology has been relied upon in hospitals for over 75 years.

Bryant's Preferred UV Lamp is a proven and cost-effective means of killing molds, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and other disease-carrying microorganisms. Silently enhancing comfort and health, Bryant's Preferred UV Lamp can reduce concentrations of airborne bioaerosols by 50% in under an hour. We will be happy to help you find and implement the ideal solution for your indoor air requirements.


Bring fresh air inside, even with your windows closed. Through a sophisticated ventilation system, you'll enjoy greater control over the airflow in your home. By circulating air through the use of ducts and fans, you'll have fresh, clean air whenever you want it. According to the EPA, stale air and indoor air contaminants can create health problems that include allergies, headaches, and respiratory ailments such as asthma and sinusitis. A good ventilation system safeguards your home from indoor pollutants. Low maintenance and low energy usage make ventilation systems a great way to reduce humidity from the outside air and lower heating and cooling costs. By recovering 70% of heat or cooling from the air leaving the home, and pre-conditioning air that enters your home, you'll cut energy losses and reduce the workload of your HVAC system.

You want a tightly sealed home for the sake of energy savings, but when the same stale air is circulated and re-circulated, it becomes a health issue. And since the majority of Americans spend 90% of their day indoors, air quality is important. Bryant ventilators introduce pre-filtered outdoor air into your home, freshening your indoor environment, enhancing comfort and reducing energy costs. The most straight forward method of improving indoor air quality is through proper ventilation.